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YunJie paved with private network special line is VISION ACADEMY quality "network channel"

2020-05-25 14:47云杰2308



  VISION ACADEMY to Shanghai only for education of science and technology co., LTD., the promotion of the brand, education team from Oxford, Cambridge, world elite institutions, such as the United States ivy focus on a-level and GCSE, IB, AP, BC international courses such as general practice training, and provide the British and American top universities written test, interview and training of international competition.

  As a unique team in China, VISION ACADEMY has invested a large number of teachers to carry out in-depth teaching and research and system development. It outputs teaching and research results in the form of online and offline one-to-one and small-class tutoring. It forms strategic cooperative relations with many international schools in China and provides in-school and out-of-school curriculum support, making it one of the top international education and training teams in China. Only to find more students to provide abundant international education teaching resources, broaden the horizons so as to realize dream of life, goals become a respected international education training institutions.


  The MPLS VPN networking scheme of yunjie communication allows the establishment of international education to network with offline course centers in Shanghai, Beijing, xi 'an, chengdu, suzhou, guangzhou and London, as well as international schools that have reached strategic cooperative relations, so as to realize the internal data, voice, image and other business communication services between administrative departments, headquarters and cross-regional branches, and cooperative institutions. Meanwhile, it also provides more centralized, rational and systematic unified management of talents, equipment and information, so as to achieve efficient office and seamless communication.

  At the same time, yunjie international Internet access optimization program, help VISION ACADEMY across the domestic export bandwidth barriers, with low delay, low jitter, high utilization rate and other advantages to significantly improve the quality of access to the Internet network, network teaching, the transmission and sharing of educational resources, bring timely and effective international education dynamic for domestic students, and better connect with international schools.

  Yunjie mpls-vpn is built on the operator's broadband IP Internet network, and adopts multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology to build an internal private network with quality assurance and security guarantee for international education, so as to achieve cross-regional, safe, high-speed and reliable network interconnection among multiple cross-border branches of customers. At the same time, it has the reliable performance of public network, good expansibility, rich functions and security, flexibility and efficiency of private network. In order to achieve the best network access experience, will continue to find out international students education and institutions for wei, bring extreme experience of international network, meet the demand of only the international network of zin at the same time, for the students toward studying abroad, international paved a solid network channels.