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Yunjie communication helps Hǎi táo wǎng realize the vision of business globalization

2020-05-25 14:43云杰2198



  With abundant network facilities and resources, yunjie communication continues to provide cross-border e-commerce enterprises with stable and smooth network environment and system architecture design and implementation services on a global scale, so as to solve problems such as poor shopping experience and surging traffic.

  Hǎi táo wǎng is the first free overseas online shopping daigou service platform in China, dedicated to helping online shoppers to shop abroad more conveniently, faster and cheaper. Founded in 2013, it has cooperated with foreign B2C e-commerce websites to break the limitation of Chinese consumer groups' use of e-commerce and recommend famous online stores and international brands from all over the world to consumers, so that consumers can browse and buy goods freely in the global scope.

  For international network demand, many cross-border enterprises including overseas online shopping network have put forward common requirements.

  Stable and smooth network environment: the stability of the server and the quality of bandwidth are directly related to the customer's shopping experience, which is the guarantee of high success rate of customer orders.

  Resistance to attack: traffic attack, vulnerability intrusion, SQL injection, webpage tampering and other security issues are often faced by online platforms, but also related to the security of customers' personal information.

  Sudden high volume of visits: singles' day, 12-12 and other promotional activities cause customers to visit the website in large Numbers at the same time. Customers place orders in a short period of time to bring huge data processing work to the website server.

  Mass file storage: there are more and more product display pictures, videos and other files on e-commerce platforms, which are getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, it is urgent for e-commerce platforms to solve the problem of fast access to mass files.

  YunJie international Internet lines, providing a global line network coverage, no public network congestion, delay is low. At the same time provide a global IT resources and have the capacity to overseas business fast implementation and delivery.

  YunJie communication advantage of international Internet line: