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YunJie communication to help SOUYUTE into the entire network era of the Internet

2020-05-25 14:352266



  SOUYUTE GROUP CO.,LTD. located in dongguan, guangdong from operating leisure clothing brand "vogue", has been steadily growing. In November 2010, successfully listed on the shenzhen stock exchange. At present, SOUYUTE GROUP CO.,LTD. has developed into the scale of assets exceeds 10 billion yuan, more than 2500 employees, business casual clothing brand operation, supply chain management, brand management, commercial factoring and foreign investment, and many other areas of China's famous fashion industry group co., LTD.

  Network interconnection, boost development

  As China has lead the fashion life of industry, a comprehensive service provider is found on the future development goals.

  Network construction and optimization, and how the group will each branch and make full use of resources integration, each branch of the people closely linked together, more power group, the rapid development of business sector into the search in the network construction of a big difficulty.

  YunJie communication, as one of the search on the Internet providers, based on the strength of the company's business in the enterprise network optimization, laid a good foundation of cooperation on both sides. According to search in scattered across the region, many outlets, the company wide business characteristics, YunJie communication out a search in the network optimization Suggestions.

  Search on "vogue" stores

  1. using YunJie telecommunication enterprise network scheme, integrating its nearly 2000 "vogue" brand clothing stores, docking with the groupheadquarters of the system, all our stores, or between the headquarters and data, video and voice communication, both through YunJie communication network operation enterprises.

  2. YunJie communication POP some BGP server, support for multiple lines, telecom, unicom, mobile, such as effective fusion line, solve the problem of network interconnection in north and south of the country, make a search on its stores locations of POS system more stable connection company background.

  3. Upgrade the VoIP system, video conference system and enterprise mailbox, integrate the network management of the 12 supply chain subsidiaries set up by sou yu te in China, and gradually complete the establishment and interconnection of sou yu te's internal network, so as to realize the application of VoIP system, video conference system and enterprise mailbox system in a more secure, controllable and flexible way. Voice calls, video calls between the regional subsidiary of seamless communication, greatly reduce the communication cost, and to ensure the security of the confidential information and privacy.

  4. At the same time, yunjie communications has upgraded the international network interconnection for szuoyu, and optimized the original enterprise broadband, so as to better meet the communication requirements of the group and its branch companies with overseas customers and suppliers in communication links such as email exchanges and information exchange, promote barrier-free business communication between the two sides, and promote the layout and expansion of the overseas market.

  Works together to win-win

  By constantly provide comprehensive and customized search on the Internet consulting and implementation services, YunJie communication will be more closely with search on the relations of cooperation. In the future, YunJie communication will be to search for, and more manufacturing enterprises, continue to provide more reliable, safe and stable network interconnection.