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YunJie MPLS VPN-line network assisted TAL Education Group accelerate the docking internationalizatio

2020-05-25 14:302235



  About TAL Education Group

  Online school, learning and thoughts are better future nyse listed company's brand of online education of primary and middle school students, for 6 to 18 children with small early high guidance of all courses. After more than 10 years of teaching the precipitation, with millions of children grow up, word of mouth among parents, students in more than 200 cities across the country.

  Chinese and foreign force, grinding fine courses together

  The age of the Internet will be assigned to a higher efficiency according to their aptitude education industry. Due to the convenience and low cost of Internet, online distance education has been incubated in recent years.

  Learning and thought operations, integration of the world within the scope of the quality education resources, hand in hand to the Nobel Prize winner and Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology, Oxford University press, Cambridge university press, and other authoritative foreign academic institutions to grind the course content, build more perfect products and services and individuation, the internationalization of teaching.


  MPLS VPN breakthrough the limitation of network access

  At this stage for learning and thought, with foreign institutions/seamless communication, fast access to resources abroad and high-speed transmission, are they urgently solve pain points, and these can be through YunJie MPLS VPN to break through.

  YunJie MPLS VPN - build on broadband IP Internet operators, by adopting the technology of multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), for learning and thought to build internal private network with quality assurance, safety assurance, achieve cross-regional, security, high speed, reliable, customer between multiple branches of cross-border internal data, voice, image, and other business communications services. At the same time, both public sites and reliable performance, good scalability, rich function and the safety of the private network, flexible and efficient. In order to achieve the best network access experience for domestic students to integrate with the world, bringing the latest, education resources, help children to embrace the world, give students benefit from a lifetime education.

  Choose YunJie communication MPLS VPN special business, our advantages:

  Speed deployment: more deployment scheme and flexible dynamic network.

  Stable and reliable:low network time delay, packet loss rate is low, faster and more stable data transmission.

  Cost-effective: just put into smaller cost, can meet the requirements of various performance indicators system and the function.

  Safe: fiber point to point to, enterprise owns proprietary bandwidth channel, to ensure the safety of enterprise information transmission.