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What are the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in network construction?

2019-08-28 22:58:50云杰1831

Network requirements - management of online behavior

  With the frequent emergence of various popular applications in the network, the uncontrolled network has brought a lot of troubles to small and medium-sized enterprises. Network activities such as online chatting, stock speculation and online video have affected network resources and reduced the work efficiency of employees. In some key departments, they have also brought a lot of information security risks. Therefore, when small and medium-sized enterprises are building networks, they need to well control their employees' online behaviors, which has become the primary task of small and medium-sized enterprises.

What are the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in network construction?

  Network security

  With the development of Internet technology, various viruses and network attacks become more and more prominent. The core of enterprise information disclosure, so the requirements for small and medium-sized network has a strong attack protection function, guarantee the network security and stability of operation, ensure the safety of the confidential information.

  Authority management

  Small and medium-sized enterprises have a variety of division of labor, such as procurement, sales, marketing, finance, customer service, research and development, etc. Different departments have different functions and different authorities, so the network should have rich VLAN functions and PPPoE Internet access certification to meet the needs of authority division, and the networks of different departments should be isolated from each other to prevent unauthorized access and protect the security of important information.

  Simple maintenance management

  Small and medium-sized enterprise network is relatively complex, higher requirements to network manageability and maintainability.

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