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What is a naked light?

2019-08-28 22:40:48云杰1832

Bare fiber is refers to the special optical fiber in general, the user to telecommunication or other company bare fiber, is refers to the telecom only provides fiber physical channels, or other company providing services such as data processing, the whole fiber optic trunk and without any data processing equipment, by the user to configure both the sending and receiving devices. Bare fiber business refers to the operators and users or between the internal completely to optical fiber as transmission media, in the construction of broadband network, more than 3 km distance between networks generally use optical fiber to connect. For specific users or other operators within the scope of metropolitan area network provides the bare fiber rental business, to meet  the needs of its form has its own backbone, bare fiber can carry 10 MBPS, 100 MBPS, 1000 MBPS high-speed broadband, the company in the line maintenance guarantee response in 2 hours. Mainly applicable to commercial group users and intelligent community infrastructure.

What is a naked light?

  Bare fiber features:

  Long transmission distance, fiber optic connection of up to 70 kilometers.

  Transmission speed: optical fiber can carry 10 MBPS, 100 MBPS, 1000 MBPS, 1024 MBPS high-speed bandwidth.

  Low loss: due to fiber optic media manufacturing high purity, so the loss of the fiber is extremely low, in this way, can reduce the number of relay station in the communication line, improve the quality of the communication.

  Strong anti-jamming capability, because fiber optics is the medium of non-metallic materials, using optical fiber as transmission medium, is not subject to electromagnetic interference, this is the other cable.