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International education network access solutions

2019-08-29 08:49:39云杰657


  With the coming of information age and the implementation of strategy relying on science and education, campus informationization teaching by the national education departments at all levels and various colleges and universities attach great importance to. Information network, promote the reform of traditional teaching, campus network construction has become an important part of college infrastructure. The continuous development of education information, the continuous expansion of campus network, information network put forward higher requirements.

International education network access solutions

  Demand analysis

  Users, export more: with the continuous expansion of the school, campus network access to the user increases continuously, and the school only increasing exports to alleviate the pressure of insufficient bandwidth network, leading to the network management more difficult.

  Flow and application control: a large number of network applications, such as: BT, P2P application, thunderbolt, online video in the operation of the campus network, especially when meng increase business, will lead to time delay, jitter and packet loss phenomenon not guaranteed critical applications. At the same time, P2P software also gradually become the main way for the spread of computer viruses and trojans. Visible, must be conducted for a specific user or specific applications of traffic control.

  Safety requirements: along with the construction of campus network, the increase of the number of users, campus network internal appear more and more, the type of cyber threats that not only have the illegal invasion, Internet penetration, and network cheating, DOS/DDOS attack, all kinds of malware, spam, etc. Attack strong randomicity, remove extremely big hard, so how to protect the safety of the campus network as the campus network construction problems had to be taken into account.

  Demand management: due to the campus network users heavier, so cannot integration management of equipments and users, the network cannot quickly locate fault, IP address embezzlement, serious problems such as IP address conflict, how to utilize the limited resources of efficient management of network also become school consider focus.

  Program features

  YunJie communication through the in-depth communication with the general higher education users, understanding. According to the above problems in the construction of campus network and the demand, high safety, easy to manage, can run a new generation of college campus network access solutions.

  Routing support multiple WAN access: YunJie communication bandwidth convergence, WAN port access, assemble line to increase bandwidth, meet the needs of multiple lines. Automatic line backup, drop a line, will automatically switch to another WAN port connected with the line, to ensure that the online is not dropped. Support online several equilibrium, specify the routing, such as load balance mode, optimizing the bandwidth use, improve the utilization rate of resources. YunJie communication routing telecom, netcom, education network strategy, automatic shunt telecom netcom infomation line flow, avoid cross limited network bandwidth, online speed very card problem.

  Intelligent QoS management: YunJie communication route adopted the cultural configuration interface easy to complete the network Settings. Can be set on line number, keyword, maximum or minimum bandwidth, control bandwidth. YunJie communication intelligent bandwidth management function, simplifying the user configuration, automatically according to the actual control bandwidth of the network bandwidth usage, effective control unauthorized/download bandwidth resources, the user can be set up to enable time, start automatically intelligent QoS, to achieve the maximum bandwidth utilization. Can be set up bandwidth priority, guarantee the bandwidth of the important person or application service demand priority to open. Allocation of bandwidth can be based on TCP/IP or application service connection or set priorities, give priority to transmit important information data without delay, use more efficient.

  Powerful firewall: YunJie communication router, have active packet inspection function, only need a one-way launch all kinds of hacker attacks, worms virus protection functions, can be simple and easy to complete the configuration, effectively prevent the internal and external network malicious attacks, to ensure that the network security. Built-in ARP virus source automatic detection tools, cooperate with the IP/MAC binding, can effectively prevent ARP virus attack. Live with BT, QQ, MSN, QQ, PPlive, FLASH video management functions, can be based on group or period of time controls the school staff access to the Internet so as not to affect the work efficiency, also can set exclusion lists, special person still can use, is not affected.

  Virtual local area network VLAN: a VLAN campus network can be divided into different local area network (LAN), such as office space, staff, teaching management, local area network (LAN) for specific between the isolation and prevent broadcast storm. Can be decided according to the LAN port network logic network segment, members within the same network segment (in the same VLAN in the local area network) can communicate with each other and see each other, if not in the same VLAN group members are not privy to the existence of other members, ensure users to access the isolation. Each virtual LAN broadcast packets without feeling, limit virus with useless information circulation, effectively prevent packet radio and virus quickly spread entire network, reduce the affected area.

  Yunjie mpls-vpn is built on the basis of backbone network, using advanced multi-protocol label exchange technology, combined with service quality assurance and traffic control technology, to build an enterprise's internal private network for enterprise users. Yunjie mpls-vpn can realize the enterprise's inter-branch internal number, voice, image and other business communication services. Currently, there are as many as 30 POP nodes in China and 16 foreign POP nodes, which can meet the requirements of diversified access and provide comprehensive network technology services for the chain industry without resource constraints. Welcome to consultation, online customer service.