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Enterprise of MPLS, VPN line price and charging

2019-08-29 08:46:39云杰674

  MPLS VPN to provide enterprises with services are: to solve the internal calls, save the long-distance phone; Easily between headquarters and the branches of video conference; Enterprise to connect to the Internet, website released information; Support for mobile office, log in to the Intranet anytime and anywhere; Safe and convenient information communication with the customer and supplier and resource sharing. Therefore, MPLS VPN - is the ideal choice of the form a corporate Intranet.

Enterprise of MPLS, VPN line price and charging

  The cost of enterprise MPLS line

  MPLS technology feature for can specify the order of the data packet transmission, to provide quality value-added services, such as: the difference service (Diff - serv), the level of service (CoS) and quality of service (QoS), etc. Because MPLS integrates the layer 3 routing, and the second layer forward a unified system, based on the packet marked exchange, so as to shorten the delay time of delivery, speed up the speed of the network transmission.

  The obvious advantages of MPLS VPN - but a lot of people care about is: the price of MPLS, VPN/how much is the fee?

  The construction of enterprise network, the client application for MPLS VPN - a business that can support data, voice, video, and other business. Therefore, the price of the MPLS VPN - in the Internet industry is relatively low, MPLS VPN - for enterprise operation cost is low, the product can be for customers to save costs including lines, equipment, communication expense and management fees. For "company headquarters + branches around the" types of large-scale enterprise is particularly applicable.

  How to calculate the price of MPLS, VPN/cost?

  MPLS VPN products with the mode of charges by Local connection section (the Local Loop) and MPLS VPN Access Port (MPLS Access Port).

  Formula: all the price/cost = local circuit (LocalLoop) : the average rental cost + MPLS VPN port rent fees

  A, the local circuit (LocalLoop) expenses for costs from POP to the client's circuit.

  B, such as (PoP) according to the city/urban area (InnerCity) or township/billing interval (OuterCity) circuit, otherwise in accordance with the long distance LD (LongDistance) billing.

  C, MPLS VPN port charges and MPLS VPN routing access direction, QoS service model and relevant geographical position.

  Yunjie mpls-vpn is built on the basis of backbone network, using advanced multi-protocol label exchange technology, combined with service quality assurance and traffic control technology, to build an enterprise's internal private network for enterprise users. Yunjie mpls-vpn can realize the enterprise's inter-branch internal number, voice, image and other business communication services. Currently, there are as many as 30 POP nodes in China and 16 foreign POP nodes, which can meet the requirements of diversified access and provide comprehensive network technology services for the chain industry without resource constraints. Welcome to free access to counseling online customer service solution and quotation.