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Enterprise access to foreign websites, slow speed, how to accelerate foreign network access?

2019-08-29 08:44:42云杰1752

Enterprise access to foreign websites, slow speed, how to accelerate foreign network access?


  In the long-term customer cooperation, enterprises usually encounter the following situations when they visit overseas networks:

  1. The website is opened slowly or cannot be opened;

  2. Unreachable server, enterprise mailbox, ERP system, etc.

  3. Many overseas domestic mail as spam filtering directly (such as Gmail filtered)...

  Why there are these phenomena?

  Because of the Internet is made up of many, the global Internet access service provider (ISP) operating network, between each ISP network communication in series through the gateway router. This kind of structure of the Internet makes the end user within a certain ISP network to another ISP network access network resources, access bottlenecks exist. Especially when the domestic Internet users in the use of general ISP to provide Internet access service, when visit the overseas website, there is the phenomenon of network speed is very slow, in turn from overseas to domestic website will be more slow, seriously affected the various applications of users. Based on this situation, the international line access business arises at the historic moment. It can solve all the problems above, fully let users enjoy the network without borders, extreme enjoyment.

  International line access of broadband/export enterprise

  The international export broadband line access product positioning

  A. Connect to the overseas Internet through the private network, solve the network congestion problem, and achieve the purpose of accelerating the access to the foreign Internet.

  B. It mainly provides enterprises with access to international dedicated lines.

  C. Target customers: branches of foreign-funded enterprises in China; With overseas branches of domestic enterprises and institutions; Companies with overseas demand for high quality data/voice/video communications; Need quick access to overseas websites or overseas accelerated businesses.

  YunJie communication international export broadband line access products is introduced

  YunJie communication through its choice, to provide users with a variety of domestic and international transmission network bandwidth can carry data, voice and multimedia streams, end-to-end international digital circuit connection, including the international line rental services, related engineering services, equipment leasing and DaiWei escrow service. Relying on the network advantages of cooperative operators' interconnection and rich IP address resources, yunjie communications' "international network express line" international dedicated line products integrate international Internet resources and access the data transmission service of international sites through our international dedicated line, so as to bring users a more rapid, stable, safe, high-quality and inexpensive international line quality experience.

  YunJie communication international export broadband access products advantages

  1. Less investment, fast access, without changing the original used by any Internet lines, on the basis of rapid access to the international line platform.

  2. High quality line protection: for user quality request is higher, or the third party operator can by telecom, unicom access, on foreign web site to achieve low latency, high speed, stability, access, help customers to deploy more stable business applications at home and abroad.

  3. The price is materially beneficial: cheaper than level 1 telecom operators international bandwidth prices more than 30%.

  Yunjie mpls-vpn is built on the basis of backbone network, using advanced multi-protocol label exchange technology, combined with service quality assurance and traffic control technology, to build an enterprise's internal private network for enterprise users. Yunjie mpls-vpn can realize the enterprise's inter-branch internal number, voice, image and other business communication services. Currently, there are as many as 30 POP nodes in China and 16 foreign POP nodes, which can meet the requirements of diversified access and provide comprehensive network technology services for the chain industry without resource constraints.