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YunJie is committed to solve the problem of connecting ERP server network at home and abroad for the

2020-05-25 17:34:17云杰3753

YunJie is committed to solve the problem of connecting ERP server network at home and abroad for the enterprise

  The network speed of the overseas branch connecting the domestic ERP server is very slow, the network is not stable, the connection has become a very common problem for large enterprises, resulting in the delay in communication. Due to the instability of the network quality, important emails and orders cannot be sent, seriously affecting the company's work efficiency and losing a large number of potential users.

  A lot of negative effects on the company: brand damage, loss of orders, the serious influence the company's business revenue and operating cost overruns.

  Business data as branches distributed widely, work more and more with the development of the company, cause branch headquarters of access network latency is longer, especially in the office in peak traffic big bag.

  After logging in the ERP system, the staff will often break the line. Although they can use it after logging in again, the speed is very slow. It often takes more than 1 minute to click an operation.

  In such a network, not only seriously affected the work efficiency, also affects the staff work, group of the existing network information platform is not to maximize, brings adverse effect to the enterprise.

  What is the reason why ERP cannot be connected at home and abroad?

  With the deepening development of the Internet and more and more widely applied in every aspects, the more frequent exchange of visits between the Internet.

  Every country for the sake of the country's network security access to overseas Internet filtering and shielding, and each country and the foreign Internet connection bandwidth sizes and led to a foreign access to the domestic network speed is slow or inaccessible to many applications.

  As global economization, the bandwidth of the Internet connection in China and overseas in recent years, due to China's vast Internet population, the speed of China international bandwidth has been difficult to meet a growing number of Internet users use the Internet, as a result, China's international network bandwidth is very small.

  With the rising number of Internet users and an increasing number of web applications, a large amount of data need to through the international network bandwidth outlet connection access and data, cause network congestion, leading to a domestic access external network and the access network is very slow and sometimes even unable to connect at all.

  How to solve the problem of ERP can't access at home and abroad?

  YunJie communication as a professional for the global customers with network communication and technical service support, can't ERP at cross-border trading enterprises at home and abroad of common network problems put forward the international network to accelerate the solution:

  Outside YunJie international network to accelerate the solution to all the data through international dedicated line, the exclusive proprietary bandwidth to transmit data, without going through the export of Chinese Internet international export bottlenecks around the Internet, to ensure that the data delay and effectively reduce the packet loss rate.

  At the same time, YunJie geared to the needs of all users with 7 x24 hours of remote debugging service, guidance, remote debugging by telephone to ensure customers' technical problems can obtain technical specialist directly handling and tracking, to ensure the problem finally solved. Customer only need to call our hotline or online consulting, dedicated customer service to provide your needs, we will arrange for you the right solution for you to solve the overseas domestic ERP server access speed slow connection.