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How to use low cost international line?

2019-08-28 22:24:31云杰662

  Enterprises should be how to access the Internet? Like some foreign company's website, there's no limit to just some website can not access involving sensitive topic, such as Google, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, messenger, and so on.

How to use low cost international line?

  There are four ways to help enterprises to solve the problem of the international network.

  The first is a common software, these free software to visit foreign websites, this method can make enterprise free networks abroad. But, it is very unstable, speed and no guarantee, often has the short situation, the data is not safe, this kind of software for individual users. Of course, there are also paid software services, mostly using PPTP, L2TP and other virtual private network protocol implementation, compared to the free will be more stable, but there are also unstable lines, data security, deployment difficulties, because usually multiple users share the network, how users have a large bandwidth occupation, will affect the experience of enterprise users. Traditional virtual private networks (VPNS) agreement at the same time, a firewall is to intercept, no guarantee. The most serious problem that is deployment problem for companies, dozens of hundreds of employees need to be on the network, it requires a lot of accounts, management, configuration of trouble.

  The second is the company self-built virtual private networks (VPNS). Have dedicated IT department, will choose buffet set up, with the software on the server and terminal deployment, is slightly more complicated than general agent. Of course, so there is a lot of maintenance costs, management must have the personnel to ensure the normal operation of the VPN, and due to the limited personal use of the enterprise scale, can't get the optimal international routes and server. It is not stable, and the exit is the operator's international line, so there will be some network restrictions. It is used by many people in the daytime, but it may be much better at night. Moreover, it does not support too many device connections, so it is suitable for enterprises that need to use occasionally, but not for enterprises that need to use frequently. Although this way is easy to realize, but advise you don't do things.

  The third is the international line. Official approval of operators of the nation's international routes, (telecom, mobile, unicom), but quite expensive, need to apply to the operator for the record, and as far as I know, shenzhen even the Hong Kong special line exports, more than 2 m bandwidth needs 1600 yuan a month, the region is far more expensive, and the general enterprise can't afford.

  International Internet solutions, the fourth is to use YunJie communication guangdong YunJie communication co., LTD., specialized services for foreign enterprises solve the high-end Internet optimization, planning and comprehensive network solutions of a large network company, relying on the operators application service platform to provide users with more open. YunJie international online optimization services, provide enterprises with a stable to use international network optimization scheme, adopt the mainstream stable technology; Also has the rich resources of network bandwidth line at home and abroad, point to point to, foreign IP address to access direct distribution, less network delay, packet loss rate is low, a well-known foreign intelligent routing list has 7000 + website IP, make better access speed. Prices are relatively cheaper than operators cost-effective, welcomed the consultation, online customer service!