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What can mpls-vpn do for enterprises?

2019-08-28 18:55:25云杰2835

  Generally, efficient platform for the enterprise through the MPLS VPN - line implementation with data communication of nodes, as well as customer information flow between the nodes can be fully automatic circuitous, network there is no single point of failure, high reliability. YunJie communication analysis: to you a multipoint MPLS VPN - dedicated to help enterprises solve what problem?



  MPLS VPN - line enterprise solution

  First, WEB, FTP, E-mail server applications

  Enterprise of the company website is the window of the business and promotion, and the site of the high speed, stable operation is crucial for enterprises with Internet companies. Using fiber optic network uplink and downlink transmission rate symmetrical features can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise file transfer with the outside world.

  Second, the enterprise OA system

  OA system for the enterprise provides a low cost and highly efficient management tools, and access to the Internet speed and stability directly affect the efficiency of OA system, so the optical fiber network in terms of broadband access is to support the first selection of OA system.

  Third, video conference system

  Now the application of video conference is more and more widely, at the same time at audio quality collaboration, data sharing, flexible usability and manageability requirements also more and more strict, and play an important part in the network environment. MPLS VPN - line large capacity optical network communication, communication quality is stable, safe, is the best choice of the video conference system enterprise construction.

  Therefore, whether it's domestic points in MPLS VPN network, and domestic and international cross-regional MPLS VPN network, MPLS VPN - can satisfy the customer of the original enterprise internal LAN and the remote office, the seamless connection between the mobile user's requirements, bring you high quality service. YunJie MPLS VPN solutions, for details, please consult our online customer service, we will give you a better service and advice.