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How to buy bare fiber broadband?

2019-08-28 18:52:52云杰小编3401

  In recent years, China's bare fiber and optical cable export growth significantly. Since 2014, the bare fiber shipments in China increased 23%, other market growth is only 2%. This means that in 2014 China fiber manufacturers shipped bare fiber accounted for 55% of the world, the proportion compared with 50% in 2013 and 49% in 2012. Chinese manufacturers in 2014 shipments of bare fiber, the part is in 2013 the production of inventory.

How to buy bare fiber broadband?

  Enterprise optical fiber

  Bare naked fiber/fiber/fiber broadband application market have how old?

  In the past five years, China's optical fiber cable manufacturers invest significantly in the optical fiber manufacturing, will allow the country's optical fiber output of rapidly rising from less than a third in 2008 to nearly half in the past two years. China's three carriers, China mobile, China telecom and China unicom, is the world's largest cable customers, amount of the three cables installed in 2014 accounted for 40% of the world. Of course, now it was the two operators China telecom and China unicom.

  How to help enterprises to bare naked fiber/fiber/fiber broadband to buy?

  YunJie communication with advanced, high-quality, large capacity, wide coverage of high-speed optical metropolitan area network as the foundation, to provide users with high performance of the original fiber carrier, make the network construction from now on to get rid of routing, such as pipeline construction and fiber laying multifarious process, fundamentally to ensure user has its own network to construct in the short term, help users in the market competition of the future ahead.

  According to YunJie communications, users buy dark fiber (also known as bare fiber, black fiber, pure fiber) to form a network, should be based on purchase the corresponding fiber some corresponding application environment, each access point for the number of fiber core way of network and transmission equipment by the user's requirements. Enterprise customers is the best buy businesses dedicated line, ensure the stability and high speed of the network.

  Enterprise bare naked fiber/fiber/fiber broadband purchase cost?

  Bare fiber link in the whole would not add all kinds of forwarding, transmission equipment. YunJie communication, this business plan from the link to rent (regardless of the distance to the transmission bandwidth size collected rent), Internet line (regardless of the distance, with Internet bandwidth size collected rent). Bare fiber leasing business is based on business routing distance to collect rent on both ends. The routing distance is not the same as the actual linear distance two points. On both ends of the equipment by the customer to define its transport capacity, maximum transmission can be super Wan Zhao. Suitable for isps backbone, all kinds of metropolitan area network connection between demand, intelligent building projects, commercial building group unified operation management.