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Enterprise dedicated transmission network compared with ordinary broadband

2019-08-28 18:46:20云杰593


Enterprise dedicated transmission network compared with ordinary broadband

  First, enterprise dedicated transmission network with a fixed IP and ordinary broadband access (adsl) is not

  Fixed IP is unique in the whole world, it can bind on enterprise servers as a unique identifier outside access server. Have a fixed IP, the network will be more stable, and ordinary broadband access (adsl) may be three days two head dropped.

  Second, the enterprise special line transmission network for dual channel, ordinary broadband access (adsl) is unidirectional

  We usually process involves two aspects of broadband, online network uplink and downlink. If you use ordinary broadband access (adsl) at the time of uploading files to download would also be affected, this is the unidirectional, ordinary broadband access (adsl) and fiber (line) access to the online benefits when you are in the upload or download the other party not be affected, even if the upload bandwidth to run full download will not be affected.

  Three, enterprise TDD line transmission network has equivalence than ordinary broadband

  If is 5 m optical fiber to the Internet, ideally TDD its has bandwidth can run full and at the same time, to 5 m, and ordinary broadband access (adsl) may only 200 k to 300 k, and upload if fill the bandwidth, the downlink will be affected, and even brought down the entire network.

  Four, enterprise dedicated transmission network and ordinary broadband access levels are different

  Different access levels in network architecture, determines the different, speed and stability of different nodes.

  Five, the enterprise special line transmission network is exclusive access and ordinary broadband is Shared access

  Thus determines the ordinary broadband access (adsl) will be under the influence of the Internet boom and optical fiber will not online. So, if the site stability and security, and speed the businesses or individuals that have special requirements, you have to choose way to access.